• The Heart of the Action in Industrial Park in Nivala is Nitek

Nivala Technology Centre Nitek

The heart of the Nivala Industrial Park operations is Nitek, Nivala Technology Centre, the first 3000 m² phase of which was completed in 2003. It responds for the needs of commercial and industrial life e.g. by providing a setting for a developing and prosperous enterprise activity.

In the Technology Centre are operating design and service companies as well as regional development organizations of the economy such as Kerttu Saalasti Institute (University of Oulu), promoting academic research, education and regional development, Nivala-Haapajärvi Region NIHAK, regional development organization, ProAgria Oulu, promoting competitiveness and well-being of rural enterprises, Keskipiste LEADER, rural development association and Nivala Industrial Park Ltd.

The technology centre is also a centre of expertise. An essential part of Nitek is the ELME Studio, a manufacturing studio of Nivala , which implements the centre of expertise programme. This is an enterprise service concept consisting of specialists and providing services mainly to regional enterprises in metal industry and mechanical industry of electronics.

There are enterprise and commercial premises, located in the Industrial Park area, to be rented at Nitek. Available premises can be found at here. At Nitek is situated the Aitta Restaurant, which offers lunch and catering services and where you can find the meeting, seminar and catering services according to the needs of your enterprise. Event room reservation and catering.

Contact person

Managing director Harri Poranen
tel. int. + 358 (0) 44 445 7209

Development director Kari Kutuniva
tel. int. +358 (0)40 542 5669