3D-printing laboratory for metal manufacturing (Me3Lab)


The goal of Me3Lab project is to enforce Nivala ELME studio environment  and therefore Nivala Industrial Park and Oulu Southern Institute of Oulu University with Future Manufacturing Research group in cooperation are serving area’s companies in implementing latest manufacturing technologies.  Therefore the project improves competitiveness of the companies. At the investment part of the Me3Lab project a 3D-metal additive manufacturing machine using Selective Laser Melting technology (SLM) is bought to Nivala Industrial Park and the development part of the project is concentrated on realization of the investment and to the applied research and demonstrations. The focus of research is on the special materials, technical suitability and cost effectiveness on the areas products as a main and additional manufacturing method.


The target of the procurement of a 3D-metal additive manufacturing machine using Selective Laser Melting technology (SLM) (Me3Lab/3DM). The procurement of Me3Lab/3DM makes possible to manufacture features that are not possible to do with conventional manufacturing methods, such as milling and turning. As an example of such features like shell, honeycomb, net, corkscrew cooling channels, chambers within a piece, cone channels, asymmetric features etc. The machine also allows to manufacture mechanisms and to combine multiple parts as a one part. Within the project a latest technology environment is built on Nivala ELME Studio that uses metallic additive manufacturing and supports conventional manufacturing methods. The special know-how helps companies on exporting their products. Due to the fact that this is the first machine at its production size it gives competitive advantage to areas companies for several years. The delivery of the Me3Lab/3DM should have a separate unit for handling ready parts safely i.e. so that the powder or other things do not compromise anybody’s health.


There will be the modern equipments for the research and R&D purpose: 3D-additive manufacturing machine, material handling, softwares for the programming and monitoring. Almost all welded metal materials can be used for example AISI 316L, Al and Ti. Needed accessories for finishing, polishing and material handling units.

Target groups

Metal works and industry and subcontractors and Nivala ELME Studio development environment with R&D partners.


Project budget: 1 533 k€, investment about 790 k€ and development 742 k€.
Financing: 70 % PPL/EAKR and Nivalan Teollisuuskylä Oy (8 %),
The city of Nivala (5 %), NIHAK ( 8 %), and Oulun yliopisto-OEI (1 %) and companies (8 %).
Period: 01.01.2016 – 31.12.2019 (4 years)

Development Manager Jari Tirkkonen, jari.tirkkonen(at)nivala.fi, m. +358400392463
Research Director Antti Järvenpää, antti.jarvenpaa(at)oulu.fi, m. +358445551633